torsdag 8. november 2012

Prevues of Coming Attractions, Episode 13: From the Land of the Fjords Part 1

The first episode of the fourth season is titled From the land of the fjords, Part 1. If you have no clue what a fjord is, check out wikipedia, or just see the picture. This is a collection of 16 trailers (and a few of them teasers) from some of the best films made in Norway in the last decade. From horror to comedy.

  1. Død Snø
  2. Fritt Vilt
  3. Izzat
  4. Naboer
  5. Nord
  6. Kautokeino Opprøret
  7. Reprise
  8. Max Manus
  9. Rovdyr
  10. Sønner
  11. Slipp Jimmy Fri
  12. Tyven, Tyven
  13. Skjult
  14. Switch
  15. Villmark
  16. Mannen Som Elsket Yngve
Download the episode here.


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