søndag 20. juli 2008

Southern DVD / Global Video / Rare-DVD.com

Southern DVD/Global Video/Rare-DVD.com


Official: none

About the company:
Nothing. They have released some spaghetti westerns in addition to some trailer compilations. Maybe more.
According to The Spaghetti Western Database the "Shoot..." compilation is released by a company called Global Video. It may seem like Global Video and Southern DVD is the same company. And apparently Rare-DVD.com is the same guys.
Based in South Africa.
Discs released:
  1. Best of Italian Movies Volume 1 (Southern DVD)
  2. Best of Italian Movies Volume 2 (Southern DVD)
  3. Best of Kung Fu Movies Vol. 1 (Southern DVD)
  4. Best of Kung Fu Movies Volume 2 (Southern DVD)
  5. Shoot Previews Shoot (Global Video)
  6. Sword and Sandal Trailers (Southern DVD)
  7. Previews To Kill: Volume one (Rare-DVD.com)
  8. Celluloid Fury: Essential Kung Fu Trailers - Volume one (Rare-DVD.com)