søndag 20. juli 2008

Cheezy Flicks


Official: http://www.cheezyflicks.com/

About the company:

Cheezy Flicks was created expressly for the promotion of a specific genre of movies - "Cheezy Flicks". By that, we mean the cheeziest films on the planet - classic, horror, sci-fi, sword and sandal, euro-trash, you name it. They just have to meet our "cheezy" standards; typically things like horrible acting, an abysmal story line, and the worst set props possible will qualify a film as a Cheezy Flick.

Over the last thirty years, we've amassed a collection of thousands of the cheeziest flicks known to humankind. We have fun here at Cheezy Flicks - but we are very serious about producing our titles. Every Cheezy Flick DVD we release on this site is produced in our own state-of-the-art, digital post-production and DVD duplication facility in Portland, Oregon.

We hope that you will enjoy our Cheezy Flicks as much as we do!!!
Discs released:
  1. Cheezy Action Trailers
  2. Cheezy Fantasy Trailers
  3. Cheezy Science Fiction vol. 1
  4. Cheezy Science Fiction vol. 2
  5. Cheezy Horror Trailers vol. 1
  6. Cheezy Horror Trailers vol. 2
  7. Cheezy Exploitation Trailers
  8. XXX Trailers vol. 1
  9. XXX Trailers vol. 2
  10. XXX Trailers vol. 3
  11. XXX Trailers vol. 4
  12. XXX Trailers vol. 5