onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Cheezy Horror Vol. 1

Released by: Cheezy Flicks
Release date: December 5th, 2006

Duration: 60 minutes

Video: 1.33:1, colour
Audio: 2.0 Mono, English
Subtitles: none

Region: 0 (NTSC)

Note from the distributor:
There are so many Cheezy movies out there we at Cheezy Flicks thought it would be fun to look at the cheezy trailers that go with those cheezy movies. We could not find them all, but we can at least bring you some of the best, worst and cheeziest horror movie trailers ever made.

  1. Curse of the Undead
  2. Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde
  3. Equinox
  4. Berserk
  5. Horror Hotel
  6. Leech Woman
  7. Humanoids from the Deep
  8. Abby
  9. Horrors of the Black Museum
  10. Seizure
  11. The Sinful Dwarf
  12. Eaten Alive
  13. Fearless Vampire Killers
  14. House on Haunted Hill
  15. Dr.Phibes
  16. The Children
  17. Werewolf VS. Vampire Woman
  18. Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride
  19. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
  20. Old Dark House
  21. Werewolf
  22. Premature Burial
  23. Chosen
  24. Man Without a Body
  25. Tales from the Crypt
  26. House of Fright
  27. Cyclops
  28. Terror in the Wax Museum
  29. Blacula
  30. Sugar Hill
  31. My Bloody Valentine
  32. Terror
  33. Friday the 13th

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