About TTCDb & Contact

Welcome to The Trailer Compilation Database! This site aims to (eventually) be the best database on trailer compilations released on DVD. At the moment, I'm listing pressed DVD's only. I'm not listing VHS/DVD-R compilations, like the ones released by Something Weird Video. Mainly because there are som many of them, and I'd like to get all the on-DVD-only titles listed first.

This site is a one man operation, and is a work in progress. I've listed some DVD's with complete info, and I'll add more titles when I find the time. If you know of DVD's not listed, please contact me.

Please enjoy the site, and help me make it better!

If you have any news about new, or old, compilations that is not listed in the database, or if you have something you'd like to tell me, then please do so :)

If you find any mistakes in the database, leave comment here, or under the compilation in question. Or email me.

My email: not available anymore