søndag 20. juli 2008

Something Weird Video


Official: http://www.somethingweird.com/

About the company:
Here on your screen is a whole world of film that just a few short years ago was considered lost or worthless. The industry that produced and distributed these films had long since vanished and there was no sign of the men who actually created these bottom of the barrel celluloid wonders. That is until now.

In 1990 (roughly), we started Something Weird Video with the idea of releasing films that had never been on video. In my mind, the last great genre to be scavenged were the exploitation/sexploitation films of the 30's through the 70's. After looking into this further, I realized that there were nearly 2,000 movies out there yet to be discovered. So with this for inspiration, my quest began and wouldn't you know, just out of the blue I fell into a large collection of 16mm girlie arcade loops (which became the first compilation videos we put together!) Around the same time I received an unexpected phone call that suddenly made all this real - my future and hands-down the king of sexploitation Dave Friedman was on the other end of the line - this would be the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship for both of us. Dave's films became the building blocks for our film collection and he has taught and guided me through the wonderful world of sexploitation - introducing me to his colleagues (Dan Sonney, Harry Novak, H.G. Lewis, Bob Cresse, and all the other colorful characters who were involved during his heyday) and they've been eager to dive into the business again. (And initially, most are shocked that anyone is even interested in this stuff to begin with!)

The next major accomplishment was figuring out a way to get these films onto video. Jimmy Maslon of QC Video (he also owns the H.G. Lewis and Doris Wishman collections) solved this problem when he and his lab took on the responsibility of transferring the thousands of 35mm prints and negatives we've collected, making the highest quality videos of these titles available anywhere (to satisfy our growing and demanding collector base).

Very early on in this business, I decided that full-color packaging was the only way to go. Besides looking really cool all lined up together, it was important to use the original ad art (as abrasive as it can be sometimes) to capture that special sleazy quality of Main Street USA.

Every racy and taboo subject known to man can be found in our catalog. Consider it as one-stop shopping for all your exploitation/sexploitation/world of the Weird indulgences. The true video nut need not look further than here!

The future looks bright for us with over 1,500 films left to find, cable and television opportunities, CD-Roms, and all the other endless possibilities out there. We're well on our way to being in your lives for years to come.

So, enjoy this labor of love and start collecting the most amazing and Weirdest films of all time.
Discs released:
  1. Extra Weird Sampler