onsdag 7. november 2012

Prevues of Coming Attractions, Episode 3: Double Feature

Time for a new episode! This time, I´ve collected a few double feature trailers for your pleasure. And they are:
  1. Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster (Robert Gaffney, 1965,) & Curse of the Voodoo (Lindsay Shonteff, 1965)
  2. Rasputin - The Mad Monk (Don Sharp, 1966,) & The Reptile (John Gilling, 1966)
  3. The Frozen Dead (Herbert J. Leder, 1965) & It! (Herbert J. Leder, 1966)
  4. Women and Bloody Terror (Joy N. Houck Jr, 1969) & Night of Bloody Horror (Joy N. Houck, 1969)
  5. I Drink Your Blood (David E. Durston, 1970) & I Eat Your Skin (Del Tenney, 1964)
  6. Hookers Revenge (Bo Arne Vibenius, 1974) & The Photographer´s Model (Pete Walker, 1974)
All episodes are taken from DVDs. Hookers Revenge is an alternativ trailer for Thriller: A Cruel Picture, that I used in the first episode of this series.

The episode can be downloaded here.

Comments are welcome! Enjoy the compilation! :D

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