torsdag 8. november 2012

Prevues of Coming Attractions, Episode 14: From the Land of the Fjords Part 2

It´s time for more Norwegian goodies, Part 2 is now up. In this collection you´ll find alot of different films, from horror to comedies. The trailers and teasers:
  1. Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen (Teaser)
  2. Upperdog
  3. Den siste revejakta
  4. Uno
  5. Fritt Vilt II
  6. Fatso
  7. Hawaii, Oslo
  8. Mongoland
  9. Pitbull Terje
  10. Tommys Inferno
  11. Snarveien
  12. Vegas
  13. Tomme Tønner
If you think you recognize some of the actors... you´re right. Norway has like 10 actors that are good enough to do features, and they get used all the time! Most of them are good, but you get a little sick seeing them all the time ;)

Anyway, get the episode here.

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