mandag 13. juni 2011

Review: Fantastic Movie Trailers (Extended 2nd edition)

Fantastick Movie Trailers is a fun collection of trailers. It mixes a wide range of genres, from spaghetti westerns, blaxploitation, sci-fi, creature movies, and many more. Were many other compilations often stick to a few selected themes, this compilation has them all, all jumbled together. If you have seen many of these types of collections before, you'll probably see a few trailers you've already seen earlier. However, if you're new to trailer compilations, this disc will be a good starting point. It's not as good as for example the 42nd Street Forever-series, in my opinion, but it will keep you entertained for 108 minutes, with 50 trailers!

Between trailers there are some old intermissions and titles. Personally, I could do without those, never particularly liked them as I feel they interupts the “flow”. They are few tough, mostly collected in an “Intermission time!” in the middle of the show.

Quality on audio is pretty good. Video is, as you might expect, a little scratchy, but that is how it should be! The artwork on the DVD is pretty bad though... Thankfully, MFS have improved their design skills on later volumes in the series.

All in all, you should give this a try if you're into movie trailers and want to relax a couple of hours.

Jon Anders, 13.06.11

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