søndag 19. juni 2011

Review: Fantastic Movie Trailers 9: Grindhouse Insanity

The ninth collection from Montreal Film Studio is pretty good! It will, like the artwork claims, be "a sure-fire party hit!" Like it's predecessors, this also mixes trailers from all kinds of genres. There's no system to what trailers next on the disc, and that is part of the fun. On this collection, there's a lot of giallos, which is a nice touch.

If you're a trailer comp fan, there's good chance you've seen many of this material before, not much new stuff. If you're just getting into trailers this collection would be a good startingpoint.

As the others in the series, this collection also has a few old intermissions inbetween the trailers, however, most of them are collected into one session.

Qualitywise, the trailers are scratcy on the video, and there are a few hisses here and there on the audio, but that's the way it should be! The bad thing is that there is some compression artefacts.. if you have a big screen, it could get annoying.

A fun collection worth seeing!

Jon Anders, 19.06.11

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