lørdag 5. januar 2013

Videothon collection

A little heads up: over at Videotopsy you can now get six volumes of the Videothon series (Check out links on the right hand side of the page when you get there). These are 90minutes collections of trailers sourced from French VHS tapes. Not just films from France, but dubbed into French. Haven't had the time to watch any yet, but hopefully soon.

Available as AVIs. Would love to get them in DVD-Rs though.. ;)

Nice artwork as well!

3 kommentarer:

otto rivers sa...

Thanks for your words. A number 7 is on the way. If you ever want it, I can put the bigger MPG original files on DVDs. I may not be courageous enough to build chapters for each trailer though. ;)

Jon Anders sa...

I'd love to do them as DVDs if you'd let me! Just give me a link for the original files for download, and I can do the mastering :) my email is in the contactpage at the top.

otto rivers sa...

Hello John.
Just a quick word to say hello and tell that the VIDEOTHON série is up to 12 volume so far. SOme people send me material now, even sourced from 16mm reels and people who work in the movie business that have access to archive trailers. So the adventure is noyt finished yet.
I'm still ready to give you the mpg files if you still want to do DVDs, just let me know.