torsdag 22. mars 2012

Fantastic Movie Trailers 2: The Sequel! (2nd edition)

Released by: Montreal Film Studio
Release date: October 7th, 2009

Duration: 90 minutes

Video: 16:9, colour and black/white
Audio: 2.0 Mono, English
Subtitles: none

Region: 0 (NTSC)

Note from the distributor:
Welcome to this second compilation of fantastic movie trailers - Over twice the amount of trailers as the first DVD! 
Throughout the history of cinema, trailers have been (and still are) a film's #1 marketing tool. 
Through this compilation, you will discover the evolution of the film trailer from early black and white oddities to the "grindhouse" era 42nd street cult favorites. 
Presented with period theater intermissions and titles, this DVD is a sure-fire party hit! 
  1. Badge 373 
  2. The Invisible boy 
  3. Chosen Survivors 
  4. Cult of the Cobra 
  5. Forbidden Planet 
  6. The Dark 
  7. Curse of the werewolf 
  8. Prehistoric women / The Devil's Own (B&W print) 
  9. The Losers 
  10. Curse Death of Tartu 
  11. Grand Thief Auto 
  12. Eat My Dust 
  13. The Child 
  14. House of Usher 
  15. Fiendish Ghouls 
  16. Secret Agent Fireball 
  17. Teenage Doll 
  18. The Haunted Palace 
  19. Night of the Living dead ("60's) 
  20. Q The winged serpent (teaser) 
  21. Earth vs. the flying saucers 
  22. Horror in the black museum 
  23. Just Before dawn 
  24. Humanoids from the deep 
  25. Dr. Cyclops 
  26. G-Men vs. The Black Dragon (serial) 
  27. Dinosaurus! 
  28. Ghost Galleon (Aka:Blind Dead) 
  29. Horror on party beach 
  30. Bucktown 
  31. The Land Unknown 
  32. Cannibal Girls 
  33. Hell's Bloody Devils 
  34. The Black Scorpion 
  35. The Devil's Own 
  36. God told me to 
  37. Invasion of the body snatchers ('50's) 
  38. The Twilight people 
  39. Slaughter 
  40. They're coming to get you 
  41. Police woman 
  • None.
This is the second edition, that includes remastered video and audio. Not sure if it has any extra trailers compared to the first edition.


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