torsdag 14. mai 2009

De Nacht van de Wansmaak 2 (The Night of Bad Taste 2): More of the very best

Released by: Dutch Filmworks
Release date: 2006

Duration: 100 minutes

Video: 4:3 and 16:9/letterbox , colour
Audio: 2.0 Mono, English/Dutch
Subtitles: Dutch

Region: 2 (PAL)

Note from the distributor:
"The Night of Bad Taste" is a series of all-night cult movie fests in the Netherlands which are also highlighted by equally exciting trailers. This DVD is hosted by Max Rockatansky (Dutch language) as he introduces a series of trailers from the following films:


  1. Tobor The Great
  2. The Angry Red Planet
  3. Message From Space
  4. Cautiva De La Selva
  5. Green Inferno
  6. Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals
  7. Love Camp 7
  8. Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS
  9. The Dracula Saga
  10. Macabra
  11. Beast Of Blood
  12. Amin: The Rise And Fall
  13. Messalina, Kaiserin Und Hure
  14. Caligula: The Untold Story
  15. All Women Have Periods
  16. Gorgo
  17. A*P*E
  18. Der Krieg Der Infras
  19. In Hot Pursuit
  20. Junkman
  21. Death Promise
  22. Blind Rage
  23. Werewolves On Wheels


  • Bad Taste Live, Transylvania, 2006
  • Bad Taste Live, South-Korea, 2004
  • Live performance "Basic Tirolers", Rotterdam 2003
  • Cross-promotional trailers


The guy, Max, speaks in Ducth only, no English subtitles. The trailers are subtitled in Dutch, but most/all are in English.


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