mandag 22. oktober 2012

The Future of TTCDb

Wow, seven months to the date since last update. Hopefully, that'll change in the future.

I'm planning to do some small changes to the site. One is to run it more like a blog, and not as a normal website. I'll reinstate the dates on pages, and (*cross fingers*) do more regularly updates to the site. Latest additions to the site will be frontpage stuff.

The forum will be gone. Didn't really work...

Also, I'll be re-posting all the episodes and DVDs I made over at the "Prevues of Coming Attractions"-blog, this time using 4sync to host them. Hopefully they will not close down like megaupload did. They even have a torrent-function, making it really easy to get the episodes!

And there will be a few changes to the compilation entries as well. I'll not be listing the "Note from the distributor" any longer. Often I have to type it all myself, and to be honest, it is really boring! Besides, you guys want to know about the contents on the disc, not what it says on the back of the sleeve.

Reviews at the bottom will also be gone. Just google if you want a review, that's what I did ;)

So come back soon, for some real updates!

22nd of March 2012:
Long time, as usual, and yada yada yada.

Many new discs this time, but since I'm lazy, I'm just listing and not linking on frontpage:

Grampa's Monster Movies from Passport Video
Fantastic Movie Trailers volumes 2 and 6 from Montreal Film Studio
Fantastic Dinosaurs of the Movies from GoodTimes Entertainment
Roger Corman trailer compilation from Shout! Factory
The Best of Sex and Violence from Full Moon Features
Attack of the 80's from Televista

More to come soon!